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    A lot of time has passed and a lot of brain cells lost since I was in some of these bands. 

    If you put Bambi and/or Pandoras in your search engine you will probably get a list of  porno sites, but I was able to find a few links about the band the Pandoras and I thought it was time to add my two cents.  Not that I made much more than 2 cents on the "It's about Time" record --  I'm sure that Pandoras album paid for Greg Shaw's house but he never sent us but one measley royalty check. 

    After the Pandoras split in two, we recorded an EP with Enigma which was ready to come out (I have the master) but never released.  The only recording that was released was "Worm Boy" which came out on a compilation album.  We were still called "The Pandoras" and Gwynne sang and played bass, Lisa and I played guitar and Casey played drums. 

    We kind of evolved into Feline (Check out that big hair and makeup -- I kind of cringe looking at it now, but I don't mind everyone having a laugh at my expense!). 

    After getting booted from Feline (literally) I finally started writing my own songs and performing them.  I also joined Gwynne's band, Mad Monster Party, playing bass and keyboards at different times.  We recorded one album that was produced by head DeRita Sister Mark "Parps" Gilman which is now available on MP3.COM.

    In the late 80's I started Imaginary Friends, a doomed band with an obnoxious drummer and Jeff McGregor (now in the Solipsistics), Mark Fletcher (now in the Bunny Rabbits) and at least 2 different guitarists whose names I forget now.  We quickly disbanded and some other band stole our name. 

    Bandless, I started performing at Coffeehouses with just an acoustic guitar and sometimes backed by Dan Janisch (who is a very talented songwriter and also currently a Solipsistic). 

    These days I am playing bass with the Solipsistics. You can download Solipsistics songs from MP3.COM.

    You can also download one of my songs from WWW.MP3.COM/BAMBI If you are interested in more information, please e-mail me and I'll let you know when we're playing again.  I'll also let you know about any other projects I may or may not be involved with!

    You can reach me at